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Your Food Evolution Latest News and Info

Upcoming cooking classes – the venue

Introducing our new venue for our upcoming cooking classes starting on the 28th of February at Forster Community College. There are 2 classes, the first is for Students and runs from 3pm – 5pm and the second is open to everyone above 16 years old which runs from 5.30pm – 7.30pm.


You can do the full 4 classes or pop in to individual ones that take your fancy.


At the end of each class our aim is to leave you with new knowledge to give you more confidence in the kitchen. 


In both classes you will cook a meal to take home with you and all ingredients and equipment are provided.


To find out more please click here.


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New Years Resolutions – Interesting Stats

UK resolutions percentage 2017

Rank Top 10 New Years resolutions for 2017 Percent
Lose Weight / Healthier Eating 21.4%
Life / Self Improvements 12.3%
Better Financial Decisions 8.5%
Quit Smoking 7.1%
Do more exciting things 6.3%
Spend More Time with Family / Close Friends 6.2%
Work out more often 5.5%
Learn something new on my own 5.3%
Do more good deeds for others 5.2%
Find the love of my life 4.3%


Here at Your Food Evolution we think we can help with a large percentage of the populations new years resolutions.


The majority of these can be done through learning to cook. We can teach you the basic skills to cook better and healthier which can help you lose weight (Rank = 1), save money (3) and generally improve your life (2). 


Our classes are an exciting (5) way to learn some fundamental basics and carry on learning on your own (8) which can be used to entertain friends and family and spend more time with them (6). 


As Your Food Evolution are a not for profit, any extra funds from the course fee goes into supporting our community objectives, so you would be doing good deeds for others (9). 


We can’t help you quit smoking (4) other than advise healthy snack alternatives to try stave the cravings and we can’t commit to helping you find the love of your life (10), although, knowing how to cook can help with this 🙂 


Whatever you do this year we hope it is a positive and healthy one and if you fancy a look at our classes please click here 




Your Food Evolution Christmas Day

As part of our work with the community, on Christmas Day, four members of Your Food Evolution helped out at the Salvation Army hall in Shipley to cook and serve Christmas Dinner for about 50 people who would have been on their own.


Thanks to James Brown Catering for the donation of the Turkey and to Jim Coffey for his donation also.


If you are interested in getting involved with our community work or have a request for us to run any projects please get in touch.






Your Food Evolution Launch Day 26th November 2016

We had 2 great cooking classes that were held on the 26th of November to mark the launch of Your Food Evolution. In total we had 17 people of all different cooking abilities attend and each person made a 4 course Italian meal from scratch in under 2 hours led by our fantastic qualified chefs, Kate and Colin. Here was the menu used for the day:


Caprese Salad

Piadina with Italian toppings

Fresh pasta with pesto



Keep an eye out for further one off and 4 class courses on our website.



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